Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1.The website & schedule own by Prasanna Purple is referred as "Prasanna Purple" and "customer" is the one who is doing web transaction like booking tickets, cancelling tickets, reprint of ticket or any transaction related to booking. “Third Party” refers to schedule which are not owned by Prasanna Purple

2.The arrival and departure times mentioned on the ticket are only tentative timings. However the bus will not leave the source before the time that is mentioned on the ticket.

3.Cancellation charges of other Third party operator will be displayed while making the cancellation, as it changes from time to time. (After Departure No Refund). Third party schedule are schedules shown in non purple background and schedules not been operated by Prasanna Purple

4.Cancellation charges for schedules of Prasanna Purple

Above 12 Hours : Deduct 20% of Amount

4 Hours To 12 Hours : Deduct 60% of Amount

0 To 4 Hours : No Refund

5.Date and time change is not permitted

6.It will take 7 -10 working days to get your "Refund money" back to your account.

7.Passengers are required to furnish the following at the time of boarding the bus:

a. A copy of the ticket (A print out of the ticket or the print out of the ticket e-mail).

b. Identity proof (Driving license, Student ID card, Company ID card, Passport, PAN card or Voter ID card).

8.Prasanna Purple is not responsible for

Bus not departing / reaching on time The bus operator canceling the trip due to unavoidable reasons
The baggage of the customer getting lost / stolen / damaged
The bus operator changing a customer’s seat at the last minute to accommodate a lady / child
The customer waiting at the wrong boarding point (please call the bus operator to find out the exact
boarding point if you are not a regular traveler on that particular bus)
The bus operator changing the boarding point and/or using a pick-up vehicle at the boarding point to
take customers to the bus departure point

Third party bus operator’s employees being rude

Third party bus operator’s bus seats etc not being up to the customer’s expectation

9. In case of Air Conditioning / Video failure before departure, no refund or cancellation will be made

10. Ticket purchased through the web should be cancelled only through the web by passengers

11. We as a merchant is not responsible for bank details provided during booking, since such information is processed on secure bank website.

12. The maximum liability of Prasanna Purple will be upto the ticket amount

13. Subject to the Pune Jurisdiction only

14. Management of Prasanna Purple, has the right to change or modify the rules without prior notification.

15. Rescheduled Ticket cannot be cancelled

Delhi To Agra Package for Terms & Conditions

1. Agra One (Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd) is wholly owned business vertical for Agra, Mathura & Vrindavan same day return tour.

2. Inclusions: Transportation charges, onboard guide (GRE) & applicable GST.

3. Exclusions: Monument & Temple entry tickets, meals & beverages, guide at Taj Mahal, battery rickshaw charges @ Vrindavan, Mathura & Taj Mahal.

4. Tentative timing for the return of the bus to Delhi is 10:30 PM . Bus may get delayed due to traffic or technical reasons, beyond the control of the management.

5. Kindly carry your address proof with you while traveling and specially while visiting Taj Mahal. In case of International guest valid passport & valid visa of India is mandatory. In case of not carrying address proof or passport at the time of visiting Taj Mahal, you may not be allowed to enter Taj Mahal. In such a case, Agra One will not be held responsible in any manner.

6. For meals & beverages Company is not responsible for the quality, hygiene and price of food etc. at any Dhaba, Hotel or restaurant etc.

7. We do-not recommend any emporium or shop or shopping mall. Any item purchased or consumed will be at the sole discretion of the bearer of the ticket.

8. Ticket availability and seat numbers will be confirmed only after the receipt of the full and final payment by the passengers. Please note allocation of seat numbers is the sole discretion of the service provider.

9. For Priority Seating, please speak to our customer care at 8800799293/8800795472 at least 48 hrs. before departure of the bus.

10. We do not recommend any Pandit fee/Dakshina or any donation at Temple.

11. Any dispute or claim to be settled shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Delhi High Court


1. In case of any sudden breakdown or unforeseen incident, the company will not be liable for any compensation or damages. Not with standing the above, the service provider/company will initiate all possible prompt and appropriate action to recover the situation there upon.

2. The Company will not be responsible for any stolen luggage, compensation or damages, if occurred during your journey. Nonetheless, the company will help you in every possible manner to recover from the situation.

3. Depending on the traffic movement restriction & over-crowding at Vrindavan the venue of the visiting temples as mentioned may alter at the discretion of the management of the tour operator (Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

4. Company will not be liable for any refund or compensation due to restriction of the bus movement or denial of entry to Mathura or Vrindavan by the city administration or traffic police. On special festival days, there may be restrictions for access to Vrindavan & Mathura.

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